12 Days of Prayer - Day 9 - South Africa

Monday, December 21st, 2015

South Africa

Praise Points

Join us in thanking God for a new Hands local office in Oshoek Community which will reach new communities in South Africa and Swaziland.

Hands at Work’s first Maranatha Workshop for children and their Primary Caregivers was held in Pfunani Community earlier this year. We thank God for His love in bringing many new sons and daughters to Him throughout the week the workshop was held.

Exchange visits were held for youth leaders throughout South Africa. These visits were opportunities for youth leaders to learn and encourage each other to better serve the younger children in their own communities.

The Hands local office in Hazyview supporting our South African communities has grown to eight people, as God has raised up several youth to walk with Audrey and grow into young leaders, some of whom were children cared for by Hands.

Prayer Points

Pray for God’s guidance in leading the local offices and leaders to the most vulnerable communities as we want to break ground in new communities next year. Pray for discernment in knowing which communities God is calling us to care for.

As we have much to thank God for from the first combined Maranatha Workshop, we want to take it to more communities in 2016. Pray Care Workers, children, and caregivers will find healing and come to know Jesus Christ.

Pray for local churches throughout South Africa to listen to and obey their Biblical mandate to care for the most vulnerable in their communities. Pray men and women will rise to their calling, as many of our communities need more Care Workers to visit our children.