40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 36

Week 6 - Christ as Our Foundation

Many of our Care Workers have not met the same Jesus that we have met, the One who binds up the broken hearted and brings good news to the poor - Isaiah 61 (MSG). Pray for each Care Worker this year to have an encounter with that Jesus.

New Joy

During the Maranatha Workshop in the community of Baraka, Zambia, many Care Workers experienced healing and joy. One of these Care Workers was a man named Kunda who for years had carried anger and resentment deep in his heart. On the first day, the teachings gave an understanding of who Jesus is and the truth that He binds up the broken hearted and brings good news to the poor. As Kunda discovered Jesus and comprehended what He did to bring freedom and love into our lives, Kunda was filled with a new joy! As soon as he returned home he greeted his wife with this newfound bliss. At first she responded in utter disbelief but as Kunda laughed, outwardly aware of his transformation, she knew it was the answer to 30 years of prayer. The following day they arrived at the workshop together, celebrating in God’s faithfulness and thanking Him for the transformation that took place. 

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