40 Days of Prayer - Day 17

Millions of families are living with HIV/AIDS throughout Africa.  Pray for God to intervene in this devastating disease.  Pray for treatment to reach those who need it.  Pray for the stigma around the illness to be lifted so more people will seek help, counselling and treatment.

“Praying for the stigma to be lifted is so important because when people find out they are HIV positive, their first thought is to hide from friends, family and their community.  They wonder, ‘what will people think of me when they find out I am positive?’ Most people suffer from depression from trying to keep their status a secret.  Having people around them who encourage, support and love them is so important.  It helps them to disclose their status and when they disclose it they realize that they are not the only person who is positive… they are not the only one.  And they can begin to meet others through support groups – and they encourage one another.  Then they become a voice in their community: in schools, churches and youth groups.  They stand up and tell others how they felt before they disclosed their status and how they feel after; how now they feel loved and supported and know that they can live positively with the virus.  Pray for those who are HIV positive to find people willing to walk with them on their journey until they are comfortable to disclose their status.”

-Busie Sityata-Jones

Busisiwe (Busie) Sityata-Jones has been working with Hands at Work since 2006.  She has served as the Young Moms Program Coordinator, Clau Clau Service Centre Coordinator, and is now the Regional Support Team Leader for South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  She was born in and has lived her entire life in South Africa.  She has one son and is married to Stephen Jones.