40 Days of Prayer - Day 15

Pray for all children attending school throughout Africa.  Thank God for those communities that have built Community Schools to provide education for children who would otherwise never be able to attend.  Pray they will be able to focus on learning when they face many challenges each day. 

"Around 3.7 million children in Nigeria do not have access to any education.  The need there is enormous. Throughout many African countries the story is the same.

As I walked through schools in Nigeria, I saw this desperate need first hand. We visited one school in a community called Elekuru. This rural school has around 250 children but only 4 teachers and the children are divided into different grades simply by having their desks facing different directions. It is a desperate situation, but there is hope. Peter, our Service Centre Coordinator in Nigeria, has a real passion for teaching and immediately I could see his whole persona change when he was in front of the blackboard. It is people like Peter, who want to educate the most vulnerable, that are bringing hope to so many lives across Africa.

Please come together today and pray for all the children attending schools across Africa, and pray that they will be hungry for a decent education and want to learn. Pray too for the teachers sacrificing their lives to give children a better hope for the future. Thank God today for all those children who are the lucky ones and actually have a school to attend; there are many who do not."

-Tommy Malster, International Volunteer (UK)

Tommy Malster has been with Hands at Work since February 2011. His role is Project Accountant for Malawi, Nigeria, and DR Congo. He is engaged to Morgan Dalley and their wedding is in May of this year.