40 Days of Prayer - Day 32

Today, pray for young mothers who are busy dying and agonizing over what will happen to their children once they die.  Ask God to take away their worry that their children will have to live in the streets, sleep in garbage, and become prostitutes and criminals.  Pray these mothers will find rest in God, and ask Him to send Care Workers who will commit to caring for their children so they can pass away in peace.

“For dying mothers, the biggest fear when they are sick is leaving their children behind.  When you visit a young mom who is dying of AIDS, her one request is, ‘Can you look after my children when I die?’ That fear of what will happen to their kids makes it very hard for them to die peacefully.  Having Care Workers and Young Moms programs mean these dying mothers receive home visits.  When you see these visits, you see how much hope they bring to the moms.  Hope that someone is there for them and most of all that someone will be there for their children.  Pray for the sick and dying mothers of Africa to find people that will bring hope to them.  Pray that their children will be okay.  Pray that as they are dying they will have relationships with people who will be in their lives not just to say goodbye, but because they care and want to be there for them.” -Busie Sityata-Jones

Busisiwe (Busie) Sityata-Jones has been working with Hands at Work since 2006.  She has served as the Young Moms Program Coordinator, Clau Clau Service Centre Coordinator, and is now the Regional Support Team Leader for South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  She was born in and has lived her entire life in South Africa.  She has one son and is married to Stephen Jones.