40 Days of Prayer - Day 10

Pray for local volunteers in Africa who are caring for children in their own countries.  Thank God for their willingness to see that their own people are being oppressed, and for being open to His call to serve them.  Pray for their families and their futures, that all their needs may be met and that they will be encouraged as they go out today and share the love of Christ.

One Hands at Work Service Centre Coordinator has been bravely telling the story of her life, and how she too was once the most vulnerable child.  She grew up in an abusive neighbor's home while her father was off working and her mother was travelling to find employment.  Today, she volunteers in her own country to care for children who are in danger as she once was.  She is changing the lives of those she works with at Hands at Work, in the Service Centre, and the Community Based Organizations (CBO) through her testimony.  Her story has challenged many to remember that we work for the most vulnerable children who depend on Care Workers to visit them and love them and be someone they can confide in when they face challenges that others may ignore or dismiss.  She wakes up every day as a servant and goes out to be the feet of Jesus, bringing hope to children who are without a voice.  Please pray for her and the many selfless local volunteers who decided where children live should not determine whether they live.