Justice Rolling Like a River, Righteousness Like Waves

Greetings in Jesus’ Name,
                  Thank you God for your faithfulness, 
                                    may Your justice continue to roll on like a river, and righteousness like waves
                              for we can do everything through Christ who gives us strength.
Praise for God
Hands at Work has just turned ten years old!
It is amazing what, with God’s grace and guidance, has been accomplished in 10 years. From a small beginning Hands has developed into an organisation to reach and support thousands of vulnerable children.
We are grateful for prayers, support and encouragement from friends and family worldwide!
Prayer Requests 
Please pray that churches and communities will mobilize and respond to the needs of vulnerable children.
Please pray for community programs that will enable children to grow their own crops to provide essential nutrition in their diets.
Pray that children, taken in by other families living in extremely difficult and crowded conditions will not be abused.
Pray that orphaned siblings will be able  to live together or at least remain in contact with each other.
Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo
Urgent prayer is needed as rebels have entered Luhongo  Village where Hands at Work has begun care for very vulnerable children.
Pray for grannies and children fleeing to the woods to be protected.
Pray that Care Givers will be able to find these children.
Pray that feeding schemes to be restarted as everything has been disrupted due to rebel activities.
                         Who ever welcomes one of these little children in my name
                                       welcomes Me.      
                                                                                Mark 9:37
Be blessed,
Oumie Snyman