Change of Season

The change of seasons here in Africa is very abrupt. From one moment looking for a heater to get your house warm and the next day unpacking your fan because it’s too hot. Although it’s a change of season in the natural, it’s a clear feeling here at the Hub (Hands at Work offices) that there is also a change of season and a feeling of something new and fresh. The new volunteers have started with their orientation, a lot of people travelling in the next week and changes in the next month as some of our stuff are finishing off their time and going back home and George also preparing to go the USA, UK, Canada and Puerto-Rico to visit new churches and existing partners.

Please join us in prayer:

  • With many people travelling in the next week, pray for safety on the roads and for God’s leading.
  • Pray for George as he prepares to travel soon and speak to new churches.
  • Please also pray strength and health for us working at the Hands Hub.
  • Pray for the different projects we are working on as we need God’s wisdom in everything.
  • Pray for the new volunteers that they can just find the peace of God and feel that this is where they should be at this moment. Pray they can just feel part of the family here.
  • Lastly please pray that as a family we can continue to be of the same heart, and that the Hands vision can be solidly planted in our hearts.