Asondle Sive BoMake Swaziland

Not too long back Nomsa’s husband passed away. Nomsa runs and is in charge of the Asondle Sive Bomake service centre in Swaziland. She is well known for her love and welcoming heart that makes everyone feel at home. She has welcomed orphans into her house and treated them as her own and she is such an example for all Hands family to follow.

When her husband who had been fully supportive and stood with her through everything passed away, It was great sorrow for all Hands family and even for the whole community in Swaziland, people from all over came because they had known of the fruits of this great man. It helped unite the community and we believe there was a peace that was present during the funeral and even now.

Please join us in prayer for Asondle Sive BoMake Swaziland:

  • Changes are needed over the next months for Nomsa ... a new season
  • Changes are needed over the next months for Care Workers
  • Higher level of care for children
  • Relationship between Samantha and Nomsa to be sweet and solid (Samantha joined us this year and was willing to help the work in Swaziland)