Conference 2010

Our yearly conference has drawn close by as those who are organizing it, are working hard that everything can go well without any troubles. These conferences play a big part as all Hands at Work family gather together and again strengthen the dream that has been born as well as strengthen and encourage one another. We speak of our achievements, our struggles as well as what we striving for. We pray together and stand together and believe in miracles together. This year we took a different approach as we have divided the conference to four concentrated regions rather than our normal one huge conference which we do in South Africa yearly. We believe this is what the Lord has for us and we trust we can reach each one who is working hard in the fields as well as that our friends and family from around the world could meet with the African family.

Please pray:

  • Hearts to be prepared for all those coming
  • God to be in each detail as we don’t want to rely on man’s wisdom
  • As we continue to develop our model, for God to give us wisdom and help us in developing it
  • For all those travelling from far, for safe journey
  • For one heart and that the enemy won’t find any open door to come in
  • As we do regional conference for the first time, pray that everything can just flow smoothly