We thank God for the work he is doing in DRC, Last year we established the work in Toyota, a primary school and a home based care. It’s truly amazing to see how God has been with us throughout and I things are going well.

Please pray for DRC that:

  • For wisdom and understanding for Eric Rukang and all those involved and running the service center there for the way forward and breakthroughs needed.
  • As they will be breaking into new areas, that care and support can be given to the children there and that they can find willing volunteers.
  • God can move people and churches in different areas to show compassion on behalf of these broken children who are orphaned and vulnerable as we are challenging them.
  • We need also a prayer support on this new step we are about to take to go in the other areas where Esperance is operating to help the children in great need and we need the favor of God so that Esperance leaders can understand what are our intentions in implementing the 3 essential services and community ownership in every area of Likasi.