In Preparation - Our Defining Moment

Hands family every person, family, community and country had defining moments—moments they will look back to and say “that was a turning point!” I am convinced we are in one of those defining moments – it started this year with our watchword.

“I will wait for the Lord,
my soul does wait and in His word do I hope.”
—Psalm 130:5

It continued with many shakings and now I believe we are responding to God this weekend in the appropriate way. The appropriate way is:

Firstly to set time apart for Him that is worthy of having our time! I encourage you STRONGLY do not do anything else in this time – let go off all the things and give this 24 hours to our God!!

Secondly I ask you to worship Him in spite of what happened so far. Job say something amazing, “I will worship you even if you slain me” Wow what an attitude! Think of all what happened and then chose to worship like never before.

Thirdly be very aware of each other and the pain around you. God cares about the person next to you and if you are full of Him you would care too. Ask Him to show you the pain in others and stand in the gap for them. I want to ask you something weird… don’t pray for yourself this time – worship Him, give thanks and pray on behalf of others. Remind God of His goodness and how He loved the children. Call on His Name to come to our help!!

We are together more than ever. Not just with each other but with Jesus! Tell Him we are together!!