Pray for Zimbabwe

  • We are trusting God for a piece of land for a care centre, budgets have been approved  but the city council now seem to be delaying the process, please pray that they will be able to do their job and that the land will be released to us and construction will begin.
  • We have also moved from where we were meeting and feeding our Children to a council run place, we also need favour with this as they can complicate things.
  • We are moving into a new area, Honde Valley, Pray for  favour with the Local chiefs and all involved.
  • Pray for the Children Of Zimbabwe, school is still one of the biggest challenges for it has been not running smoothly due to  mass strikes buy teachers who need to be paid a bit more and the government cannot afford …Most children have been out of School because their parents cannot afford the school fees which is paid in either $US or The SA rand.
  • For our Care workers who are striving everyday to reach out to the children when they themselves are facing the very same challenges, pray for renewed strength.