‘Come Lord Jesus’

Care Workers, through the example of Jesus, experience unconditional love and healing from the inner wounds of their trauma. They offer hope to children – that the same is possible for them. Healing is one of the goals of the intensive Maranatha Workshop that happens in each of our communities across Africa. Maranatha means ‘Come Lord’.

Jo Poulsom, International Volunteer (UK), participated in a Maranatha Workshop in Swaziland for the Care Workers in Msengeni A and B.

 “In the weeks building up to the Maranatha Workshop in June there was a lot of excitement and anticipation, mixed in with nervousness, from both the Care Workers and the local Hands at Work team in Swaziland. Everyone knew that it was going to be a week set apart for God – a Holy week.”

The week centred on 14 Care Workers from Msengeni A and B Communities and two young ladies from Shoka Community, but prayer came from around the world and teaching from Busie and Audrey (African Leaders, South Africa). There was worship, ministry and support from Hands at Work. It was clear that it was not all these individuals who came with the ability to bring healing and hope, but God. He came with such grace and power.

2 Corinthians 12:9: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 

During the week, we saw people coming to Jesus for the first time or coming back to him after years apart, and levels of forgiveness which were quite miraculous because no one, in their own strength, would be able to bring such forgiveness, reconciliation and, ultimately, peace. As the women shared their deepest hurts, it was beautiful to see God lifting their burdens and to be able to witness the beauty of relationship. The women spoke into each other’s weaknesses; encouraging, supporting and sharing how they wanted to walk the tough road ahead ‘hand in hand’. They no longer walk it alone – they experienced the power of God and the beauty of their family of believers who are committed to their ‘freedom in Christ’.

To learn more about Maranatha Workshops, please visit: https://www.handsatwork.org/maranatha-workshops