George in Canada and the US

George Snyman will be visiting North America at the beginning of November to the beginning of December. This is an exciting opportunity for people to come together to hear stories from Africa. We invite you to join him at one of the following venues and to listen to what God is doing in the lives of the orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa:


College Park Covenant Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – 909 Acadia Drive 

Sunday November 17th at 10:00am worship service

The Gathering Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – meeting at Victoria School Gym (Broadway Ave)

Sunday November 24th at 10:00am worship service

*Please enter through the South Doors straight north of the Hose and Hydrant. There will be coffee served at 9:45am.

City South Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 2101 Millbourne Rd W Northwest

Thursday November 28th at 7pm for a Hands at Work sharing night

Kensington Commons Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Global Poverty Seminar

Saturday November 30th from 10:00am - 12:00pm

Through the UN's Millenium Development Goals, significant progress has been made in eradicating extreme poverty. But it also highlights the crisis of people being left behind. Come listen to George Snyman and Lynn Chotowetz (Hands at Work in Africa) discuss trends in global poverty, what experts and practitioners are saying about building resilience in vulnerable communities, and how the Church has a unique role to play .

All are welcome to join at this seminar-style event which will be held at the Kensington parish.

Westside Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sunday December 1st for the 9 and 11am worship services

*The services will be an on-stage interview and discussion with George

For more information about the events in the Canada please email


 United States

Hands at Work Gathering in San Francisco Bay Area 

Saturday November 9th at 5:30pm for an evening with George Snyman, co-founder of Hands at Work, sharing stories and updates from Africa. 

*please email for specific details about the event 

Grace Alameda Church, Alameda, California, US – 2521 Santa Clara Ave, CA 94501

Sunday November 10th at 10:30am worship service

For more information about the events in the US please email