Meet Miguel

Ten-year-old Miguel* lives in the small rural community of Chigodole, Mozambique miles away from any paved roads. His dreams of going to school were cut short when his father became ill and passed away. Miguel’s mother, Alima*, cares for Miguel and his three siblings alone. There was barely any money for food, let alone school fees. Even the barren soil around her home seemed to be against her, preventing her from growing a garden and on many days, the family went hungry.

Local volunteer Care Workers from Chigodole Community Based Organisation (CBO), together with church leaders, began visiting homes in Chigodole with the hope of caring for the most vulnerable. The desperation of Miguel’s family and Alima’s struggle to support her children was apparent to Maria, one of the Care Workers. She began to visit them in their home regularly, encouraging and praying for them, and bringing the love of Jesus into their midst.

Chigodole Child Photo.jpg

When the Chigodole Care Point opened in February 2018, Miguel was one of the first children there. Though he was thrilled to receive a nutritious meal and a chance to play with friends, the Care Workers noticed that Miguel often sat alone. As they observed him, it became apparent that he was losing his sight. Alima was too traumatised to take him to the hospital due to negative experiences she’d had in the past and the fear of coping with a second child suffering from a disability.

But with the support and encouragement of Maria, Alima found the courage to take Miguel to the hospital, where he was immediately transferred to another town for cataract surgery. He is now home with his sight restored! These days, Miguel can be found running freely and playing with his friends at the Care Point. He no longer has to withdraw and feel anxious. He knows where his next meal is coming from, and he knows he is loved and cared for. Miguel still dreams of going to school, and is excited that the Care Workers are making plans to enroll him very soon.