Meet Kayin

14-year-old Kayin* draws his inspiration of one day becoming a doctor from caring for his grandmother who struggles consistently with illness. Tragically, Kayin was left with the responsibility of caring and providing for his grandmother, carrying the immense burden of cleaning and feeding her and providing for the small family’s needs. He has lived with his grandmother since his parents separated in February 2017.


A relative of Kayin’s took advantage of his already vulnerable situation, using him to work for far too small a wage which proved insufficient to provide the family with enough food and basic necessities. Morufa Taiwo, a Care Worker from the Apatuku Community Based Organisation, who lives nearby to Kayin, was quick to involve the other Care Workers when she recognised the extent of the challenges that life was throwing his way. Since Kayin came to stay with his grandmother and when he was noticed by Apatuku’s Care Workers, he has been attending the Care Point where he receives a hot and nutritious meal daily, and access to educational support and basic health care. It is through the dedication and persistence of his Care Workers that Kayin was taken to the clinic where he received an inhaler to help with his asthma. However, the care that he receives is not limited to his physical needs. Kayin has been receiving attention on a regular basis from the Care Workers and members of the Hands at Work local team in Lagos who bring him regular support and encouragement.

Early in their relationship, Kayin’s Care Worker, Morufa Taiwo became aware that he was not attending school because he was being used for cheap labour elsewhere. Thankfully she was quick to take action and with the support of the Hands at Work local team, Kayin was able to return to school. Currently Kayin is in grade two and loves learning and playing football with the other children.

Care Workers are bringing hope and light to children in Apatuku, like Kayin, and a support to their families too.