Meet Clement

When Mulenga Community Based Organisation (CBO) first started, Clement* and his three siblings: aged nine, four and three years old, began attending the Care Point as they were identified as some of the most vulnerable children in their community. Sometime later, Clement’s family moved out of Mulenga Community and the Care Workers from the CBO lost contact with them.

But in early 2015, while visiting children on Holy Home Visits, Care Workers came across Clement and his siblings once again. The children were begging for food and the four of them looked malnourished and unwell. The loving Christ-like hearts of the Care Workers compelled them to follow the children back to their home and find out more about their situation.


When they arrived, they found both mother and father at home. The parents were unemployed and struggling to find work, thus explaining the reason why the children were out begging for food. Clement’s young mother of only 23, occasionally nds odd jobs in the community, such as washing clothes for people. When she does manage to nd work for a day, she is paid only a small bag of maize meal, or the equivalent of $1 for a whole day’s work. With this as the only source of income for their large family, it makes every day a struggle to survive. However, God had a plan for these children all along.

They were welcomed back into Mulenga CBO with loving arms and, once again, began to receive the life-giving services of education, basic health care and a hot, nutritious meal once a day. Now six years old, Clement’s health has improved greatly, as well as his younger brother and sister, who are also attending the Care Point. Clement is a cheerful child and plays with the other children who he has made friends with at the CBO. Now also attending school, Clement enjoys his Bemba class (the local Zambian language).

We thank God for bringing these precious children back into the care of the CBO and the compassionate Care Workers. Though Clement’s family still face the daily challenges that come with living in poverty, they have confidence in knowing they are surrounded and supported by a beautiful community of Care Workers, and they are not alone in their struggles.