Meet Kamali

When Kamali* was invited to come to the Care Point, she was quiet and unable to share her story with anyone, lacking any kind of social skills. As the Care Workers invested into her life, Kamali has learned how to trust and interact with others. The deeper the Care Workers have invested into her life, the more that they have been able to find out about her story.

Kamali was living with her grandmother and attending primary school when her father passed away in 2007. Since her grandmother was unable to properly take care of Kamali, she sent her to live with her mother and two younger brothers in Chinyaunsunzi. After Kamali lost her father, the extended family sold the father’s house; keeping the money for themselves and not giving any money to the vulnerable family. The one-roomed house that this family of four is currently living in was initially built for a single male working on the railroad.

Kamali’s mother tries to make a living by going to the market and selling cool drinks but the profit that she receives is not enough to feed the family. When she doesn’t make enough money for food, she looks for other work, often in the elds surrounding the community. Food was extremely hard to come by consistently and money for school fees was totally out of reach. Subsequently, Kamali and her brothers were often chased away from their primary school classrooms.

In 2016 during community assessments, Kamali and her brothers were identi ed as the most vulnerable and brought to the Chinyaunsunzi Care Point. There they receive a hot meal every day, access to education and access to basic health care. The Care Workers have been advocating for the children in the school, not only securing them a place, but also communicating more of the individual needs of hurting children. Privilege and Eunice are Care Workers who visit Kamali and her family on a regular basis, bringing encouragement and support. It is through their love and consistent care that Christ can truly be seen in this situation. His love is slowly breaking through.