Hands at Work's Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

Join Us

in a day of prayer and fasting for the Drought Crisis in Africa. On Friday, October 21st, stand with the Hands Community around the world in prayer, as we lift up those affected by the widespread drought and food crisis.

This year Hands at Work faces an extreme drought crisis in Africa, which has gripped a huge part of the population, specifically those described as ‘the poorest of the poor’ in a way that is unprecedented in human memory. A million children right now face dire consequences because of hunger, sickness, and lack of water. Within these people exists a layer – vulnerable children like Chuma* and grandmothers – who will not survive unless there is an intervention.

Chuma* lives with his mother and two sisters in the community of Honde Valley, Zimbabwe. Chuma’s mother is left on her own, and must provide food and basic needs including school fees for the three young children. This year, the drought has affected Chuma’s family in a very real way – in the past their small harvest has helped to support them, but this year the entire crop has failed to grow. She has nothing to sell, which means no food on the table and no money for school fees. Chuma and his sisters visit the Life Centre in Honde Valley every day to receive a meal – the only food they eat in a day – and even that, they take home to share with their mother. Chuma's family will have nothing from their crop harvest because of the because the lack of rain which has destroyed their field. Chuma is in just one of the many villages Hands at Work is serving. This crippling drought is gripping many villages this year, and affecting many of our children and families.

"We planted this year but we harvested nothing. 
Just 1 bucket of maize which we are eating now. 
What you can see now is all that we have."
Gogo Mavis from Honde Valley cares for her three grandchildren  Tafadzwa, Onika and Lamech.  

Download and print our Prayer Guide for a list of prayer points to guide you through the day. 

Visit our Drought Relief page to learn more about Hands at Work's response.