Full of Joy and Life!

Moses’ life is a miracle! His very existence speaks of the faithfulness of God and the loving compassion shown by the Care Workers of Zimba Community Based Organisation (CBO). Hilda, the Zimba coordinator, together with Charles, a local volunteer Care Worker, call Moses ‘the first child of Zimba CBO’.

Moses’ mother died as she gave birth to him – a tragic reality for many mothers in Zambia today. Moses was born prematurely and very sickly and no one believed he would live. At his mother’s funeral, Moses was paraded around with the coffin, everyone convinced that the baby would not survive. No relatives on his mother’s side wanted to take Moses in, having lost all hope about the baby. It was only his uncle, Charles, who volunteered. Charles took the tiny baby home, along with Moses’ three other siblings, and asked God for help with the enormous task of raising the children.

Charles and his wife are very special people. With six children of their own to care for and with no stable work other than occasional odd jobs they could find, they acted in faith on behalf of Moses’ family. Charles can remember many occasions when he would bring Moses, so sick and close to death, to Hilda to ask advice about how best to care for him. Charles was also a Care Worker in Zimba. Together with Hilda, Charles and his wife provided the best care they could for Moses and his siblings. Miraculously, over time, Moses started to grow stronger. He was given nutritious food to keep him healthy and the love and care that was greatly needed following the loss of his mother.


Today, at nine years old, Moses can be found every day at the Zimba Care Point, full of joy and life! He loves school and is studying hard in grade 1. His favourite subject is mathematics but he mostly enjoys playing soccer. One day, Moses would like to be a teacher. Join with us as we celebrate Moses’ life and thank God for Charles, his wife, and for Hilda.

‘For great is your love, Lord. Your mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness!’ Lamentations 3: 22-23