A Place of Solitude to Seek God


The chapel at the Hands at Work HUB in South Africa is a very special place for many volunteers. Tyler, Catherine, and Robyn share why it is special to them. 



Tyler Ralph, International Volunteer (Canada), Regional Support Team
“For me the chapel is a special place because as a team we actually put our hands to helping with the building of it. So we saw it from when it was just a rock amongst the bush, to what it is now. I love starting my week with the men of Hands praying there. Our chapel is quiet and set apart from the busyness of the work. It’s been a place to go when I’ve been overwhelmed and needed a place of solitude to seek God.” 

Catherine Clarkson, International Volunteer (UK), Partner Communications
“The chapel, nestled in the trees and slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of Hands community life is a special place. It has become a place of retreat for me. I love living in community with others and am drawn to the company of people, but I also know I need time to be alone and to be quiet sometimes. We read in scripture that even Jesus needed these times to remove himself to be alone and to connect with His father. The chapel is that kind of place for me.” 

Robyn Hunziker, former Hands at Work elder and long term volunteer (Australia)
“The site chosen for the chapel is very significant, on a rock, and out of view of humankind on the Hands property. There are also ‘prayer pocket’ areas surrounding the chapel that offer private, intimate spaces for contemplation and connection with our magnificent God. Leading up to Easter each year, the nightly readings in the chapel have deepened my understanding of the significance of the Cross and all that was accomplished.  As Co-Founders of Hands at Work and having spent 15 years serving the vision it was very profound for me to share one last night of worship in the chapel, in a small corner of God’s Kingdom. We gave thanks and praised God for all that He accomplished, because we walked out in faith, day by day, in obedience to His Word the best we could.”