Behind the Closed Door

Apatuku Community, Nigeria

Michael* is a 13-year-old boy who was found by Care Workers in Apatuku Community. As they knocked on the door of his home, it seemed, at first, deserted, but they heard a small voice croak from inside the home. As the Care Workers entered the house, they found Michael all alone and in a desperate situation. Michael had been out working in nearby fields and suffered a serious injury to his leg from a grass slasher. Having been abandoned by his mother, Michael was left alone in his one-roomed house, unable to move and lying stranded on a mattress. Michael hadn’t eaten or bathed in days. The Care Workers stopped everything and began to care for Michael’s urgent needs. They helped him to bath, provided him with food, and worked with the local pharmacy for medical support. They were able to clean and treat Michael’s wound and provide him with pain relief and antibiotics. 

The Care Workers from Apatuku Community pushed hard for Michael to attend school once he was healthy again. They continue to support him through consistent visits to his home and through daily support at the Care Point.