Healing in Mozambique



Macadeira, Mozambique

The village of Macadeira is one of the poorest communities in Mozambique. It is home to Chumai, a 9-year-old boy in grade 2 who lives with his grandmother, Eriminha; brother Zephania, 12 years; sister Nomatter, 15 years; and sister Rinha, 7 years. They live in a grass-roofed hut with a broken door, leaving them vulnerable to crawling insects and even greater dangers that would try to harm them.

For the past four years, Chumai has suffered from epilepsy. His mother decided to return to her family because she could not deal with Chumai’s illness or those of the rest of the family, including Chumai’s father. A few months after leaving her children, Chumai’s mother remarried. Tragically Chumai’s father, Joaquim, died after falling from a platform used to dry maize cobs. Completely alone, the children were taken to live with their elderly grandmother Eriminha. At 70, Eriminha struggles to provide for the children. They lack clothing, blankets and secure shelter. Even though Eriminha faithfully ploughs her piece of land, coaxing what she can from it, there is never enough maize to provide for the whole family.

Care Workers from Tariro Community Based Organisation assessed this family’s situation and took action, registering the children at the Care Point in 2013. Since then Chumai has been receiving a hot meal six days per week from Monday to Saturday. George, Chumai’s Care Worker, is visiting the family twice per week. During the visits, George is supporting the family with words of encouragement from the Bible.

Following the Maranatha Workshop in which the Care Workers in Macadeira shared their struggles and challenges, praying for healing and restoration of relationship with God and with one another, workshop facilitators also prayed for Chumai. Miraculously he has experienced healing from his seizures! He still receives regular health care assessments from his Care Worker, George, but he is growing and thriving. Despite his past struggles, Chumai believes that his future is bright.

More Updates from Macadeira:

This past quarter, Hands at Work opened a local office in the town of Chimoio which will serve as the regional office, supporting ongoing work in Mozambique. Previously, communities in Mozambique were being supported by the local office in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Having an office in closer proximity to communities such as Macadeira will allow local leaders to visit and encourage Care Workers more frequently, and provide stability for future expansion.

Local leaders recently challenged Care Workers in Macadeira on the importance of proper hygiene for the most vulnerable children they care for. Care Workers have been speaking with the children’s caregivers, and an improvement has been seen among many children. For 25 of the children that continue to struggle to receive the proper hygiene at home, the Care Workers have taken it upon themselves to regularly check their skin and bathe them at the Care Point.

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