Friendship and Faithful Care

Kambove, Democratic Republic of Congo

Kambove, Democratic Republic of Congo

When Winnie’s* father died in 2010, she was only 2 years old. Her mother, Docile, was left alone to care for Winnie and her older sister and brother. Struggling to care for the family herself, while grieving the loss of her husband, was already a heavy burden for Docile to carry. The situation became even worse when her husband’s remaining siblings took their home away from them, a common cultural practice in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Docile became desperate, with nothing to give her family.

With very little food, Winnie and her siblings began suffering. They could have become irreversibly malnourished if Muba had not come into their life. Muba is a volunteer Care Worker with Maisha Community Based Organisation in Kambove. She and her fellow Care Workers are serving the most vulnerable children and families in hopes of bringing transformation to their lives. When she met Winnie and her family, Muba knew she could support them in their physical and emotional challenges. She saw how it was impossible for Docile to provide all the care a mother desires to give to her children in the midst of her own grief and desperation. Muba began visiting the family regularly to build relationships with the children and with Docile. She and the Care Workers in Kambove not only care for their community in their homes, but at the local Life Centre. Today, Winnie attends the Life Centre each day with 99 other children where she receives a daily hot meal, served by her compassionate Care Workers.

Winnie does not attend school yet, but she will soon, and she already says she would like to be a teacher! Her health has improved through her regular meals and access to basic health care. The entire family says they feel so encouraged and loved by Muba. With their essential physical needs provided for, they are all able to focus on healing emotionally. Muba’s friendship and faithful care for them has brought them hope for a future of more love, and less loss.

*Name has been changed

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