The Response of the Local Church

Blessings Sambo has served with Hands at Work for many years in Zambia. As a pastor, Blessings has personally witnessed the challenges and triumphs of the local church. Today he serves as a leader with Hands at Work and supports our volunteer Care Workers throughout DRC, Malawi and Zambia. We asked Blessings how he has seen the local church respond to the call of God to care for the most vulnerable in the poorest communities:

It has not been an easy journey. The gospel is not preached in many African churches, prosperity is preached instead. So when we take the Biblical mandate of caring for the vulnerable to our churches, we are really asking them to shift their thinking. I remember two years ago when we called for a meeting of 20-30 pastors in Mulenga (where I am a pastor myself). Only one showed  up. Today I thank God because last year we called for another meeting and seven church leaders came!

In the community of Racecourse, I met two pastors one year ago: Pastor John and Pastor Cosmos. They had nothing to do with caring for vulnerable children in Racecourse. But after we spent time with them and cast our vision of how they could be involved, they started helping. I have been so inspired by them – seeing their commitment. To see them shift their focus from prosperity to the Kingdom gospel, and to see their church join. They are even willing to go out into other communities and challenge more pastors to respond too!

I know the time is ripe for church mobilisation. As Hands at Work, we are committed to building relationships. Our desire to mobilise the local church does not have to come with challenges if we continue on the path of connecting with people first. Building relationships takes more time, but we are breaking through.

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