Photos Tell Stories

Many people have had their lives affected by time spent in Africa. There are memories that we hold onto that breathe air on the embers of our faith – reminding us that God is for the orphaned the widowed and the dying. Again this year, we asked for photos which evoke memories. The most significant photos to us are not always the most professional or even most beautiful images. They are the ones, however, that take us back to a moment that changed our lives.


Catherine Clarkson

Kitabataba, Democratic Republic of Congo



This little girl had just been bathed and dressed by her Care Worker who was preparing to take her to the Life Centre in Kitabataba, DRC, so she could eat a hot meal. I captured a beautiful moment between the Care Worker and child of comfort amidst the brokenness.





Phil McLaughlin

Sakubva, Zimbabwe

This little boy has a problem with his motor skills. His mother is a Care Worker who lives on site at the Sakubva Life Centre. She needs to keep working his muscles - hopefully he will start to use them.


Lauren Lee

Masoyi, South Africa

In 2007 my family and I travelled to Africa. Calvin, my youngest, was just under 2 years old. I love this picture. One of the reasons we decided to go as a family was so that our children would know compassion and the world outside of their suburban bubble. The mandate to care for the orphan and widow must extend to the next generation through our example.



Morgan Malster

Mngwere, Malawi

The Care Workers at Tima Community Based Organisation regard this little girl's life as their biggest success! When they first met her she was days away from dying. Now she is a lively, beautiful little girl with a big personality. The love of Christ that is shown to her every day by her Care Worker Francis has given her a new life. It fills me with hope for the future of Africa’s most vulnerable.



Ashley Humphreys

Photo Credit: Farai Gunhe

Macadeira, Mozambique

When I saw this photo, I knew I could never communicate the joy and hope our Care Workers find in Jesus in the way our local leaders can. Farai took this photo of the Care Workers and friends he loves and has given his life to support and stand with as they care for the most vulnerable children together.



Alan and Celia Baker

Share, South Africa

This photo was taken in February 2014. It was our first visit to Share and we really connected with the Care Worker in orange, and we got to meet up again with Audrey (in red). It was a very special day that has had a lasting impact on us. This photo is significant because we proved we could clean pots!



daytona swarbrick

Kalende, Zambia

This is Felix and his gogo and their place. I stayed there with Tim McLaughlin - we slept on the dirt floor and felt how Felix lives every day. May God give him strength and faith each day.


Tommy Malster

Elekuru, Nigeria

It has been a privilege to visit Lashidi Community School over the years. Elizabeth, head teacher and Care Worker, has dedicated her life to serving the most vulnerable. She walks over an hour each way to provide these extremely vulnerable children with an education. She is an inspiration, and true beautiful feet to her community.