GIVE Life to a Vulnerable Child

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly – John 10:10 (ESV)

This Christmas, Hands at Work invites you to join us in giving to support the most vulnerable children across Africa. Each day, volunteer Care Workers from the local church care for the poorest children in the poorest communities in the eight countries Hands at Work serves.

Your gift to support a child will bless them with access to education, basic health care, and one nutritious meal per day. Your generosity will not only be a part of bringing life to a child, and encouraging their Care Workers, but Hands at Work believes you too will be blessed as you witness the transformation that occurs in the life of the most vulnerable children when everyday people reach out to give them hope.

If you want to give and support the transformation of a child this Christmas, please learn more about the giving options for your country:

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You may want to give on behalf of someone else. Download & Print Hands at Work Gift Cards and distribute to your friends and family. With three cards to choose from, these gift cards tell the stories of three children who now have hope for life and life abundantly. Through your giving, people in your life can read and share these stories, becoming a voice for the voiceless as well. 

Through your giving, you can stand in solidarity with these Care Workers as they daily strive to provide physically, emotionally and spiritually for thousands of children. Children like Elida...

Seven-year-old Elida lost her mother when she was very young which had a devastating impact on her. She chose to isolate herself both from her family and any potential friends, and so grew up a very lonely and guarded young girl.

Her grandparents could do little to support her and her siblings. Elida grew up without a blanket, sleeping on a sack on the cold ground and rising early to warm herself by the fire. Consequently she was persistently ill with flu. Growing up in a crowded household, the children were malnourished; their meagre provisions unable to sufficiently feed the whole family.

When the Care Workers of Malakota Community Based Organisation in Zambia discovered Elida and her family, they were deeply moved. They began to visit Elida’s family regularly, assessing the situation and the most desperate needs. Elida now receives a nutritious meal every day and is visibly healthier. Books, a uniform and school supplies were provided for her to enrol at the Malakota Community School where she is in grade 1. Elida also received a blanket so she can be warm during the cold nights. The biggest difference in Elida is how she is opening herself to the love and care of her committed Care Workers and her family.



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