Give Life this Christmas

This Christmas, Hands at Work invites you to join us in giving to support the most vulnerable children across Africa. Each day, volunteer Care Workers from the local church care for the poorest children in the poorest communities in the eight countries Hands at Work serves.

Your gift to support a child will bless them with access to education, basic health care, and one nutritious meal per day. Your generosity will not only be a part of bringing life to a child, and encouraging their Care Workers, but Hands at Work believes you too will be blessed as you witness the transformation that occurs in the life of the most vulnerable children when ordinary people reach out to give them hope. Children like Lumumba…

At only eleven years old, Lumumba* spends many nights alone in abandoned buildings and half-built structures. After the death of both of his parents, he was taken in by an aunt. Lumumba’s aunt is a very broken woman, and is unable to care for him in a loving way.  Lumumba often runs away from his home, leaving him very vulnerable. His daily struggles made him a timid and frustrated child, left hopeless until Care Workers from Kitabataba heard his story and reached out to him and his aunt.

Care Workers are now working closely with Lumumba’s aunt and are committed to ensure he has a safe home life as well as receiving access to one nutritious meal each day, basic health care and education. They visit the family regularly in their home, building relationship and encouraging them with the Word of God.

The Care Workers at Kitabataba Community Based Organization have slowly begun to gain Lumumba’s trust. He now feels safe at the Care Point as knows he has many mother and father figures there to rely on. Since he has a new-found support around him, Lumumba loves going to school and is currently studying in Grade 4. He does not like being absent from school, as his education gives him purpose and a sense of fulfillment.


If you want to give and support the transformation of a child this Christmas, please learn more about the giving options for your country:

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*Name has been changed
Kitabataba Community, Democratic Republic of Congo