daily good

Every so often we see something that inspires us and lets us know that someone else has felt the very thing that we ourselves have felt in the core of our being. In this case, we were blessed by one of our own.  Alicia Krawchuk was a volunteer with Hands though 2013 and we are incredibly blessed by her being with us and by her creative mind which resulted in this video: daily good.

daily good from Hands at Work in Africa on Vimeo.



People make the world good or bad.  Bad things happen to good people daily, but still some people remain good despite all the bad they have endured.  I stayed with this family.  They were loving, kind, generous and welcoming to me daily.  Abandoned by their father - mother and grandmother died of aids - they survive on so little, but still they gave me so much.

Women in this community stand together to feed 50 vulnerable children daily.  These women have so little and still, they give so much daily.  Now there is hope for these children.  Now there is hope for these children because good people are doing good.

In this area it is more likely a girl will be raped than learn how to read.  This is the cycle o poverty and aids in Africa.  fragmented  families  > complex situations > fragmented families …

If the good people in these communities stand together, maybe they can break this cycle.  Good people caring for each other daily will help these children to climb out of poverty.

I've met so many good people - heard so many stories - that make me want to fight for good!  for God!