Meet Rimos

Rimos is a young boy living a difficult life.  He is 13 years old and lives with 11 other people in a two room house in the community of Mulenga, Zambia.  In 2003, he was living in Lusaka when both of his parents died.  He had to move 3.5 hours away to Mulenga where he now lives with his grandparents, his 4 other siblings, and 5 nieces and nephews. 

The passing of both of his parents in the same year, and the turmoil of having to move to a new place right away, has left Rimos with very deep inner wounds.  His elderly grandparents are unable to understand how to support him emotionally, and he is therefore more often neglected than cared for.  Surrounded by a family of people fighting for themselves each day just to survive, Rimos became just one of many and began walking his community in search of food and money by himself. 

When Mulenga Community Based Organization (CBO) met Rimos, they could see right away that he was one of the most vulnerable children in Mulenga.  On the surface, Rimos’ clothes all have holes in them.  As they got to know Rimos, Mulenga CBO Care Workers saw the many inner wounds that cause him to live in a state of sadness.  Thankfully, Mulenga CBO Care Workers have received Walking with Wounded Children training.  This allows them to be in a better position to journey with a suffering child like Rimos and help him uncover and process his wounds.

Rimos’ Care Worker is Kennedy.  Kennedy is not only walking with Rimos emotionally, but he is ensuring Rimos is healthy and has an education.  Through the 3 Essential Services (3ES) program at Mulenga CBO, Rimos has access to basic health care, one nutritious meal a day, and free education.  Rimos is enrolled at Mulenga Community School where he is in Grade 2.  Through the grace of God, Rimos is no longer a lost boy wandering the streets of Mulenga.  He has a father, Kennedy, and a whole family at Mulenga CBO who visits him in his home, who love him, and who know his name.