Bringing the Hope - Part One (ZAM)

Nine years ago, Loveness Chitafu was found acting as a ‘mother’ to children who did not have parents themselves – providing them with food and a home to call their own. Now, she works to support and coordinate men and women with hearts that mirror her own; hearts that are full of Christ’s compassion and desire to be His servants.

“Working as the coordinator of Shalom Community-Based Organisation (CBO) is a big job, but I am not the boss—we all serve a total of 100 children and ultimately we serve God. I make sure that there is enough food for the children, as most of them are orphaned, and often what they eat at the care points is what they eat all day.”

Loveness Chitafu coordinates the Shalom Community-Based Organisation in Kabwe, in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. Shalom is comprised of volunteer care workers who have given their lives to support the most vulnerable children in each community. These local care workers have come from impoverished backgrounds themselves, and work to sacrificially give of their time and resources in order that a child will have a hot meal and loving care. Shalom Community cares for 100 children – providing food and visiting homes daily in order to care for, mentor and bond with the most vulnerable children in their community. Loveness works to ensure that these care workers are supported and encouraged, making daily trips to each of the three areas in her community to mentor and encourage the care workers.

“After hearing a preacher’s message on God’s mandate for the poor, I worked with other women who were touched by that message. I knew that I could not go on without being of help to vulnerable children. I started as a care worker ten years ago in Kabwe, and worked there doing home visits to patients and children, as well as bringing food parcels.”

Hands at Work then partnered with Loveness and her team in 2003, training them and mobilising international churches to support their efforts in reaching the poorest of the poor.

Next week we will go with Loveness on a home visit. Join in next Tuesday for part two.