He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart (SA)

Anna “Oumie” Snyman is a true blessing from God to the Hands at Work Family.  She is the mother of our Founder and CEO, George Snyman, and now lives at the Hands at Work HUB in South Africa where her gift of intercession calls God into the lives of all volunteers, Care Workers, and vulnerable children.  Though Oumie prays for all our countries from South Africa, the entire Hands family rejoiced when she recently had the opportunity to travel to Zambia.  We knew it would be special for the Hands Family there to be blessed with her presence, and as she describes her journey, we see God used her as a great encouragement.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4

“I couldn’t believe I was going.  I mentioned it and three days later, I was going!” Oumie said God gave her one of the greatest desires of her heart when he made a way for her to go to Zambia recently.  Psalm 37 had always been her favourite and she felt so blessed to see the Lord’s word in action.

Having never been to Zambia before, the whole journey was an unexpected adventure.  Describing the ferry she took to cross the Zambezi River she said, “As far as I’m concerned, a ‘ferry’ is a small boat.  This ferry had trucks right on it! I seriously considered hitchhiking”.  She saw beautiful sunsets and was blessed with her first visit to Victoria Falls where she was amazed by the size and sounds of the incredible waterfall.

In Zambia, James Tembo, Zambia RST Coordinator, walked with Oumie in the community of Zimba.  She was touched by a group of local people who were building a house all on their own.  She was also blessed by two people she knew only through her son George, and on this trip got to meet: Hilda and Charity. 

Ten years ago, as George walked across Africa, he came across a lady who took him in to her church where the congregation prayed for him and prayed that he would go out and tell others about Africa.  This lady’s name was Hilda.  George never saw her again until a few years ago when he was in Zambia for the Hands at Work celebration.  George was in Zimba, walking through the village, when he saw Hilda!  He brought her to celebrations and she has since been a Care Worker at Zimba CBO. 

One year ago, George came home from Zambia with a photo of a three year old girl named Charity.  She looked like she was only one years old and George knew she was close to death.  She was neglected by her family and her Gogo could not care for her properly.  As a family, the Snyman’s began giving extra to her; Oumie sent clothes and sweets with others travelling to Zambia, just for Charity.  And Oumie prayed for Charity.

On this trip, Oumie met Hilda when she went on Home Visits with James.  When they arrived at the Community School, Oumie met Charity.  “She was healthier, she was laughing.  Now she looks four years old!” Oumie said, “Hilda is a lady of God who has adopted her and cares for her so much.” Charity immediately connected with Oumie and made sure everyone knew Oumie was her friend.  When Charity’s brother came to meet Oumie, Charity became jealous and sent him away!  Oumie was so thankful that Charity looked so well, that their family had been blessed to be involved in this young girl’s life.  Oumie saw the transformation Zimba CBO is making in the lives of vulnerable children.  She saw how wonderful the Community School is and how the children have a safe place to go each day and be fed and be filled with joy. 

As the Gogo of the Hands at Work family, it was special for everyone to know Oumie was going to Zambia.  The HUB in South Africa felt connected to our Zambian family knowing she was going to be with them and encourage them.  While visiting, Levy took Oumie to see where he was born and where he met George – events in God’s perfect plan that shaped Hands at Work.  After this inspiring trip, Oumie said she fully trusts God with her next desire, “Next trip – Nigeria? Who knows!”