Children’s Day in Lagos, Nigeria

In the slums of Ilaje in Lagos, Nigeria - where the majority of children have little to no access to food, education and basic health care - a memorable day was organised for children there. On this day in late May, schools from more privileged areas in Lagos came to be with the children in the Ilaje community and brought gifts of food, clothes and pens and books. One of the kids from Grace School, who was having a birthday, shared his birthday by celebrating the day with the kids in the community.

Fidson Healthcare provided medicine to be distributed to those in need by the Hands at Work office. The day birthed a beginning of something special and the Ilaje community, together with all the other community-based organisations in Lagos, marked this day Children’s Day.

Many, visiting Ilaje for the first time, were surprised that this level of disparity existed in Lagos. Yet, the kids felt loved and cared for, and everyone present had a positive response.