Carpentry Workshop Expansions (SA)

Weston and Liz Muronzi, together with their three children moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in 1997. After serving for several years in other missions work they found and joined Hands at Work in 2008, quickly slotting themselves in to a place that both served Hands and that utilised their skills. Weston, a carpenter, began using his skills to train some of the young orphaned men and Liz started using her hospitality skills to host and cater to visiting teams and the larger Hands family. While their youngest son Act is still in school, their son Adonis is working with Hands in the marketing department and their oldest daughter Prudence is working outside of Hands.

2009 was a busy year for Weston as Hands Village was being developed. He supplied all the homes with cupboards and kitchen fittings. This proved to be good for the guys he had been training to test out their new skills and to gain experience. And in 2010 a new opportunity came about for the carpentry team: it happened that a local carpenter was moving and offered to sell his carpentry tools and supplies at half price to Hands. With the help of friends in UK and Netherlands, they managed to buy the tools. This not only gave the carpentry team an opportunity to expand and train more guys from the community but also opened a door to start a small income generating project to support the work of Hands at Work.

Weston’s dream to impart life skills while generating funds for the work of Hands is reachable. Now we are only praying that God will send more volunteers with carpentry skills and the same heart to train young men while sharing the love of Christ. If you have carpentry skills or are interested in supporting the carpentry skills development program. Contact Weston:

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