A Deep Wound (SA)

Marcus, a young man of 17, grew up in circumstances that left him wondering if life was worth living. He nearly ended his life once but was rescued just in time. He has deep wounds and carries much sorrow, hatred and anger. Nobody knows what happened to his parents, nor does he speak of them; he spends most of his time alone and struggles to enjoy the company of his peers at school.

Marcus experiences constant mistreatment living with his relatives. They take advantage of him, knowing he has no one else to turn to. He has no certificate or form of identification. Many times they don’t give him food or care for him properly. Marcus feels angry, hurt and isolated.

A schoolteacher was the first to take notice of the reality of his situation when Marcus became a danger to himself. He was hurting inside. The teacher being friends with some of the trained care workers who were involved in the Care Center supported by Hands at Work quickly sort out help for Marcus.

Since February 2009, Marcus has received emotional counseling and food at the care center. Although he is still a long way from being healed, he is slowly recovering and finding meaning in this life. One can only hope that the sorrow and anger deep within him will one day be replaced with peace and enable him to live a full life.