The story of Mujinga (DRC)

In this modern world, education is one of the most important things in life. The simplest jobs such as being a maid or a waiter require a matriculation certificate.  So, what about those children who have no access to education, or who cannot afford education, what possible life could they lead and what work could they do that does not leave them vulnerable.

Mujinga a 17 year old girl was one of those girls who grew up with no education. Her parents could not afford to send her to school as they could hardly afford a good daily meal. Her mother is blind and spends her day sitting in the streets begging. Her father is disabled and cannot walk and has to spend his day sitting in the house mending shoes which is not profitable.  If, Mujinga was the only child, it would have been easier for her parents; she could have found something to do as well, but Mujinga is one of nine children and she is the oldest. Most of the responsibilities are put on her young shoulders. The family is also in vulnerable position as far as criminal actives are concerned as they are unable to protect themselves. Due to an unbalanced diet and living conditions they are also subject to ill health. Mujinga shares a room with

her parents and they all sleep on the cold floor with only a pile of shoes which her father spends his day trying to fix. The small ones all sleep in the other little room in similar conditions with no blankets or bed to sleep on.

The Community Based Organization in Kanona DRC were the ones who came across this family. Realizing the desperate situation and seeing the vulnerability of these children, they adopted them. Now they are able to eat a really good daily meal at the Service Centre and go to the community school which is under the care of the Community Based Organization. Their schooling is also free of charge. As a teenager Mujinga has just begun grade one, but does not feel any sadness to be in the same class with much smaller children. Instead she is happy that she can go to school to learn to read and write.

We can only hope that many children and young adults like Mujinga can be reached and touched and that they will have the chance to dream and find a reason to live.