Update on Zambia

Mutende Home-Based Care (HBC) in Roan

In 2002 Gugu’s father died.  She was only 9-years old when her mother sent her to stay with her aunt.  When she returned to Luanshya 3 years later, Gugu was shocked to find that her whole world had changed.  She says, “At home we usually went to bed with empty stomachs or could only eat once a day.  I didn’t go to school because there was no one to sponsor or to buy school necessities for me.”  Since then, Mutende HBC has supported Gugu by providing food periodically to her family, by helping her to return to school, and by teaching her life skills.  “But for the help of Mutende HBC we managed to survive...I am very happy and grateful for what they do because if not for them, I don’t know what would have happened to my life.”   With your help, Hands at Work supports Mutende HBC and other similar community-owned initiatives through training, encouragement, and support for three essential services for orphaned and vulnerable children—basic health, food security, and education.

Lord’s Harvest Community School in Chibuli

Through your support, Hands at Work assisted volunteers in Chibuli to install a borehole that now provides clean potable water to the community.  This photo shows Thomson Miti from Hands at Work Luanshya Service Centre drinking water from the completed Chibuli well.   Surrounding him are community school teachers Petronella and Dorothy with workers and children from the community. Boffwell and other volunteer teachers continue bit by bit to make bricks to build walls around the newly constructed school roof. 

Kachele Farm

Kachele Farm is buzzing with activity.  Since the arrival of Farm Manager Samuel Zulu—shown here with his wife Juliet and children (seated from left to right) Rachem, Martie, Nicky and Sibongile—in August 2009:

  • 2 hectares of maize have been planted and will feed 50 families for a year,
  • Rundown buildings are being renovated into accommodation for visitors and kids’ camps,
  • The main farmhouse has been painted and maintained,
  • A simple irrigation system is being installed to enable growing in the dry season, and much more