George's trip to Melbourne (AUS)

George Snyman landed in Melbourne on Tuesday March 16th amid a few minor dramas. He missed his flight from Sydney, which delayed his arrival for just over 30 minutes, and then his second flight was delayed for 15 minutes.

On arrival George had some lunch and then went to his first appointment, a meeting with the senior students at Northside Christian College in Bundoora. Students from this school had given George a donation two years ago for two Zambian youths to attend secondary school and they were eager to get an update on how the two boys were doing.

On Wednesday morning George and I travelled to Ballarat, an inland regional city which George had visited on his previous visits to Australia. Ben and Dani, our hosts, will submit a more detailed report on his visit, but while in Ballarat we visited Ballarat Christian College where George spoke to the secondary school students in one session and the primary school students in another. Quite a few secondary school students spoke to George after the session wanting to know how to get involved with what Hands at Work is doing in Africa.

That evening we were able to share a meal with Ben and Dani and talk more about Hands business.
On Thursday morning, We met with several Pastors from Ballarat for breakfast which was very fruitful and some good new contacts established. Later in the morning, George spoke to the Year 10 students at Loretto Girl’s College in Ballarat and then we visited a Hair Dressing salon which is supporting Hands at Work through their business.

On Thursday evening, back in Whittlesea, George spoke to a group of young Adults that had gathered in a home. George’s message was very direct to those there, ‘do something significant with your lives’. The feedback from the young adults was very positive as they felt challenged and inspired.

On Friday morning, George and Paul travelled to Camberwell Grammar School where they met a teacher named Glen. Glen has worked with Hope HIV in raising finances for them. At Camberwell Grammar, George met the Principal and few other staff and then addressed an Interact rotary Group. George felt that some very good PR was accomplished through the meetings.

On Friday night, George addressed a gathering of men from the New Horizons Church where he challenged them strongly to rise up and be the men God called them to be. It was a very challenging message for all there, but well received and provided a lot of food for thought. He also visited the youth outreach in town and addressed about 40 youth on Hands at Work in Africa and the need to do something positive with our lives.

On Saturday morning, George attended a Business person’s breakfast with about 20 local people and spoke to them about what Hands at Work is doing in Southern Africa and the need for people in Australia to get involved. Literature on Hands was distributed.

George was then able to take some time go shopping and ‘gather his thoughts’.

In the evening George attended a gathering of ladies from the local community. They had gathered to share favourite recipes and George spoke to them about the need for ladies to make a difference in their family’s lives and in the community. Using examples from his experiences with Hands, George challenged them to be outward focussed.

On Sunday George spoke at the morning service at New Horizons Church in Whittlesea, delivering an inspirational and challenging message about the dangers of being self-centred and materialistic in a world that is in desperate need of love in action. Literature was distributed and the Arise and build program was promoted.

After lunch, George spoke to the team that is preparing to visit Zambia and South Africa in September and then met with Nello Raguso from Hopes and Dreams Inc. Nello and Hands have been working together on constructing a well for a community in Kabwe, Zambia.

In the evening George addressed a night service in Whittlesea where he spoke specifically on team building and maintaining an effective team that will make a difference in the community.

By Pastor Shane Lepp.