Join us in a devoted time of prayer

“In worship, God imparts himself to us.” - C.S. Lewis

The Hands Family, South Africa, invites you to join us in a time of prayer and fasting, of petitioning, meditating and listening.

On Friday, 19 November at 18:00 SAST (South Africa Standard Time) or GMT +2, the Hands Family will enter into 24-hours of praying and fasting. We will set up a schedule of 1-hour prayer slots, forming a strong chain. At 18:00 on Saturday, 20 November, with a breaking of the fast, we'll enjoy a meal together and share what God has imparted to each of us.

Though you might not be at the Hub in South Africa, we would love to band together with you in prayer. Please consider committing to an hour slot – and letting us know which slot you've taken – to worship, to intercede and to seek His wisdom. Email us any thoughts, words or pictures you might receive, then check back next week for prayer reports from the Hub. (Email

During this week leading up to Friday evening, we will be meditating on various topics and scriptures. Check back, daily, for updates here.

“There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer.” - D.A.T. Pierson