Kachele Farm (Zam)

Samuel and Juliet Zulu and their children moved to Kachele Farm in Luanshya, Zambia, on 29 September 2009, and the Farm is quickly becoming a hub of Hands at Work activities year-round. Some of the activities happening at Kachele Farm in 2009 included training for Hands at Work staff from all over Africa, hosting five international teams from the U.K. and Canada who also used the property for kids’ camps and teacher training, renovating the farm house, raising chickens, and completing construction of a new house on the property.  Hands at Work is excited to welcome Samuel and his family, who moved over 500 kilometres from his home in Chipata, Zambia, in order to manage the Hands at Work property and expand activities there.  Since Samuel arrived, two hectares of maize have been planted and planned activities for 2010 include growing rape and other veggies, installing a new septic tank and a simple irrigation system, and renovating additional existing structures into accommodation.


The vision of Kachele Farm is four-fold: 1.) to provide psycho-social support for orphaned and vulnerable children through kids’ camps, 2.) to train and encourage community volunteers like care workers and community school teachers, 3.) to improve food security for orphaned and vulnerable children by producing food and serving as a model to teach on food production, and 4.) a place of retreat for Hands at Work family members who are in need of solitude and restoration.

Thank you to all of you who have stayed at the farm over the past several years and helped contributed to help make all of this possible.