Why My Little One...

A poem written by June Vorster after the God revealed His broken heart for the plight of the orphan and the widow. She is a 70 year old living in South African who recently met George Snyman when he spoke at her church. She shared this poem with him and now we share it with you.

I see you sitting all alone and forlorn,
Why my little one?
Your clothes are all tattered and torn,
Why my little one?

I see the emptiness in your dark brown eyes,
The sores on your legs covered with flies,
I see your thoughts and feel your shame,
I cry when you cry, I feel your hunger, your pain.

I call to all who hurry by,
So few hear my anguished cry,
I call and call, ‘stop don’t you see’
A little child, his need, please, hear his plea.

Open your eyes and see my little one.
I gave a gift to the world, my only Son,
He came to teach you to love each other,
There are so many in need of the love of a mother.

Be my hands, my eyes and listen to my heart’s beat
Stop and look you will see him sitting at your feet.
So set on what you have to do, you rush on by,
Looking ahead you don’t want to hear his cry.

The problem is too big, you say,
“I am one and only one” as you hastily look away.
“It is not my problem that he has no hope,
I have my own cares and I can barely cope”

“Oh, my beautiful creation, don’t you know,
That you will reap… all that you sow!
It is by my grace and my grace alone,
That you’re not the little one without a home

I turn my face away in shame,
I created you to love and care, was it all in vain?
Aha! But wait……
Someone is tossing him a coin or two, just to ease
A nagging conscience they must appease.

But your hearts are so hard and your eyes so blind,
There are so few who care and are really kind.
If you have heard my call to love and care,
It will take courage and sacrifice to dare

Please hear my cry and listen to my heart’s call!
If each took a share of the load the problem would be small.
I sent you all this message, down through the ages,
To care for the widows and the little ones in orphanages

Please ease the plight of the thousands in need
There is much to do, don’t give up I plead!
Don’t look back to see who is following behind,
Do what is right and other will follow of like mind.
Then someone will care for this little one of mine.