Waves Across Africa

We had a vision of people walking in waves throughout Africa, passionate people from around the world, people bringing their experience and skill to Africa in service to God. That was less than three years ago, and the dream has since developed.

In August 2006 Hands at Work accepted two volunteers set aside to do just this. We welcomed them, grew with them and sent them out to serve in Mozambique at Rubetano Home Based Care. For 9 months they lived in Chimoio, serving as nurses in the rural villages there, training local volunteers, and meeting patients in their homes.

Since then, we’ve accepted 3 further groups of volunteers from across the world to serve with Hands at Work. There have been some growing pains and challenges along the way but also amazing highs and celebrations as we see people sent out to serve in Mozambique, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This month we commissioned our current group as they successfully completed their preparation with us. It was with glad hearts that we have watched them embrace their missions – working with building, nursing and youth work.

There is an urgency now as we look ahead. Hands at Work in Africa’s desire is to send more volunteers throughout Africa. Our heart is to help these volunteers to build up local community leaders in remote areas to become more effective in caring for the patients, widows and orphans who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The needs on the ground are ever increasing. The time for action is now!

We feel God has prepared the way for skilled people with life experience, people who are passionate to impact the lives of others. Teachers, nurses, administrators, builders, IT workers, children’s workers, trainers, pastors—so many skills can be used here to make a difference. The only perquisites are servant-hearts and love for God and people.

This is a chance for passionate, mature Christians to offer all of who they are in service to God and those most suffering in Africa.

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Carly2.jpg"Have you ever stopped to consider your life and wondered how you got to where you are today? I often do! If you asked me three years ago to tell you where I would be today, in May 2008, I would never have guessed that I would be living in South Africa , a part of Hands at Work in Africa. The past 3 years have changed my life completely. My name is Carly, I’m an ordinary 28 year old woman, who was living an ordinary life in Sydney, Australia. I wasn’t the type of person who dreamt big or looked to do ‘missions’, I simply prayed that God would use me, in whatever way He chose. It’s been an adventure ever since…"

Carly da Costa is from Australia and has been volunteering with Hands at Work in Africa for the past 3 years.