New Footprints Intake

Footprinters.jpg A new session of Footprints is upon us! How exciting to think that this will be our 4th group of Footprints volunteers to join the Hands at Work team for mid-term volunteer service. Training officially began on 25 February 2008, but preparations began long ago, including prayerful consideration of which projects will receive the volunteers when they complete their 10 weeks training and depart to act as “scaffolding” at our projects across Africa. Please remember to pray for them.

February 2008 Footprints
Lacey is 18 years old and part of Westside Kings Church in Canada . She has graduated from highschool this year and has been involved in camp counselling with younger children. She is very excited about this opportunity to come and serve with Hands at Work and is looking forward to becoming involved with children or youth programs.

Laura is 25 years old, a registered nurse from Saskatchewan, Canada . She has known Jayme Chotewetz for most of her life and heard many things about Footprints from both her and Lynn. Inspired by her aunt’s involvement in missions, Laura is looking forward to coming and being a part of Footprints. She has been involved in missions trips to Ghana as well as serving on Mercy Ships for three months as a Nurse in Liberia. Laura is excited to have the opportunity to become more involved in community work and use her nursing skills to serve wherever she can.

Dara is 27 years old and also a registered nurse from Arizona , USA . She heard about the Footprints program from Sarah Irish. It turns out that Dara and Laura served together on the Mercy Ship in Liberia , however they weren’t aware that the other was applying for Footprints until recently! They are looking forward to taking this next step together and the possibility of travelling together to their outreach to use their nursing skills. After Dara’s experience on the Mercy Ship, she was burdened with the need to return to Africa and do more. It was at this point that she felt God prompting her to apply to Footprints and she is very excited about coming.

Callan is 18 years old and our first South African Footprinter. He has recently graduated from High School and looking forward to spending year serving the Lord. Callan is part of Liberty Church in Johannesburg and has been involved in their youth ministry.

Natalie, Stephanie and Hendri, who were part of our 2007 intake also continue to serve with us. Natalie is in Zambia where she is busy helping Mutende HBC as they develop their Youth Program. Stephanie has remained here in South Africa and is supporting Fickson with the Cork , Belfast and Welverdiend projects. Hendri is with Rubetano Home Based Care in Mozambique where he will be serving with Carlos and Pascoa for the year. We trust that the Lord will continue to send us more volunteers to help reach 100,000 children who need His love the most.