Hands are at Work in the USA Office

SanFrancisco.gifWith much excitement and joy we announce the official registration of Hands at Work in Africa (USA). Hands USA, as we call ourselves, was officially formed last fall, and our team and activities have continued to develop and grow from that initiation.

Our Roots

While we exist to work with all churches across the USA, it was with Wellspring Church that our passion to start Hands USA was born. I, along with my husband, Henry, and our 3 children, traveled with Wellspring to South Africa last July. We had decided to visit Africa as a family after hosting George and Carolyn at our home for dinner while they were visiting Wellspring Church in 2006. We had been touched by their commitment and compelled to look beyond ourselves here.

That same evening after our guests had left, Henry and I made the decision to go, but also to be open to whatever further involvement God might have for me in serving Africa rather than going back to work or school as I had anticipated in the near future. In Africa, I told George about this decision. His response was incredible. He said, " Lauren, we have been praying for a year about someone like you, and I just sent an e-mail to your pastors about just that....about becoming an anchor partner and championing the growth in the US which includes initiating the Hands USA process."

Though I really had no idea what I was getting into, I was floored. God clearly had plans for me, and I (with some timidity) embraced it and am now leading Hands USA along with Suyoung Kim and Jon-Paul Momsen who are fellow Hands USA officers.

Our Plans

2008 will be a formation year of developing and breaking new ground across the USA. Wellspring Church, which is located in the San Francisco vicinity, has graciously offered us the usage of all their equipment and supplies. Laying the ground work means familiarizing ourselves with the history of Africa as well as attending the Annual International Conference in South Africa in April. We have also set up our bank account, and have begun recruiting help.

We are creating a database of contacts and partners across the USA, and plan to set up a line of communication through the web as well as a newsletter. Other services that we hope to provide as soon as our man-power avails would be to send promotion packages to churches and businesses to spread the biblical vision of Hands USA, coordinate teams to and from Africa, and arranging speaking tours for George across the USA. We also hope to meet already existing USA partners to determine how we can eventually have regional coordinators, as well as support and serve one another in God's amazing work in Africa.

Lauren Lee lives in the San Francisco area with her husband Henry and their 3 children. For more information about Hands at Work USA office feel free to contact Lauren at: info@us.handsatwork.org