Illuminate... Hope

As we start celebrating the Advent season, and we consider carefully what happened - Emmanuel, God With Us - that beautiful prophecy that was spoken through the prophet Isaiah, 800 years before the gift became flesh, and Isaiah said, "Unto us a child is given." Isn't that beautiful? The Prince of Peace the one who brings hope. This is what we celebrate in this advent.

I love hope in this message. I love the fact that when Angels proclaimed the good news, that God brought salvation, they did it in a night. And they did it to the people who needed hope the most. They disregarded the layers of social influence. They went straight to the shepherd boys at night looking after the sheep. How incredible is that? And then roughly about thirty three years later in the dark night were fear ruled, and when the disciples were fearful and concerned.  Again, this gift called Jesus sat with them around the table and said, "I will not leave you behind as orphans.  There is hope I'm going back to prepare a place for you and this enough space for all of you. And me and my Father will come and we will live in you."

Jesus! The one who brought hope. The one who builds the bridge between the Incorruptible and the corruptible. The Immortal and the mortal. The one who took on the flesh of your flesh and the bones of your bones. And He moved into our village and He lived among us.And He brought us hope and great joy. My we celebrate this during the season of Advent.