Illuminate... Joy

I'm going to talk about Joy. Before that, I just wanted to read a scripture. In John 15:11 this is what the Lord is saying: "These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." 

As we serve in Hands at Work with my husband, there was a time we were going through challenges and trials. We lost hope and, of course, we were receiving encouragement from friends and family. At that moment, we just had happiness that time, but when we were reminded, we saw that despite the trials, despite the challenges, we can only find joy in Christ. And this scripture, what Jesus spoke, came to life to us when we surrendered to him. He gave us that Joy like I've never experienced, despite all the challenges, it was that joy that makes us whole again. It that Joy makes us look forward to the following day, to stand again and to Rejoice on the day that God gave us. Just like we serve in our communities, when we look in some of the communities - Care Workers, gogos, plus many challenges, but we can see the joy of the Lord in them. And when you ask them, why do you do this? They said, "I am filled with the joy of the Lord." And that motivated them to wake up that morning, and to go to the Care Point and to serve our kids in that Care Point.

And as we celebrate Christmas, I just want to encourage you, just like Christ is the one who came to us on this Earth to bring us joy, and He has promised us, just like Joy is the fruit of the spirit, He has promised us - He has left us with the Holy Spirit. Just ask the Holy Spirit to come into you and you be filled with the joy of the Lord. Merry Christmas to all. Thank you