How the journey began…

Written by Tanya Cummings of Plentylife Church, Doreen VIC

People are always absolutely amazed when I tell them the story of how we got plane ticket’s to Africa. I’m sure you remember the story how we signed up to go to Africa on a mission trip, trusting God would provide the money for our plane tickets, but as the time neared for plane tickets to be paid for; I realized that even with the fundraising we were planning there wouldn’t be enough money for us both to go, so I told my daughter Jess I wouldn’t go. She responded saying ‘I believe we’ll both go and we won’t have to pay for the tickets”. I was unbelieving, but the next day Michelle ...

Introducing Bec

As I write this, I am sitting at the Hands at Work village in South Africa. I left Australia in May, with 19 other Australians, and went to Zambia for 2 weeks. We did some community visits and a weeklong camp for vulnerable children. Then on the 19th May I left my team and flew to South Africa and began my 4-week orientation into the Hands at Work family. It is challenging but I am really, really loving it.  

Summer Café Night

We recently hosted a Summer Café event in Sydney, NSW, and invited friends of Hands at Work to come and enjoy a night out. This was an opportunity to re-connect with our friends as well as update them with what Hands at Work is busy doing in Africa. We had an incredible night together and appreciated the efforts of so many people who helped to make it a huge success!

Mel's Story

My heart has been stirring for Africa for a few years now, so this year in September I decided to take the plunge, book a trip, and get over to South Africa on the ground to experience first hand the work that Hands at Work is doing.  Before I left I thought I had some idea of the situation in Africa and a grasp of the work Hands at Work was doing.  However until I saw, I really did not know.  However what I did see and experience...I was absolutely blown away. 

Three Aussies

In September 2011, Stephen Jones, an Australian serving long-term with Hands at Work in South Africa, had the opportunity to speak with three visiting Australians. Melissa Warren, Tim and James McLaughlin all arrived in South Africa and participated in the new volunteers orientation. Stephen asked each of them what was their motivation for coming to Africa, and received three different responses. 

A Vintage Affair

In May 2012, a team of 20 people from Whittlesea and Ballarat, Victoria, will head over to Zambia to support the work of Hands at Work in Africa where they will together run a camp for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children from several Hands community based schools. The team will also travel to South Africa to visit Masoyi Home Based Care and other local communities. The team recently hosted a fundraising event evening in Ballarat called the Vintage Affair. The aim of the night was to raise awareness of the plight of Hands at Work in Africa (Australia) and support for the 2012 Victorian team.