George visits MLC School


It's been more than a year since MLC visited Hands at Work in South Africa, where 8 girls, accompanied by Ms Argy Asimakoula and Ms Sarah Tynan, experienced firsthand, the true value of life and happiness.

On Tuesday 14 August, MLC girls had the privilege of meeting George and hearing him speak of his goals as an individual, and as part of Hands at Work, encouraging us to "leave our fingerprint" on the world. With a strong Christian ethic, George spoke to us about the value of our personal contribution to the vulnerable, orphaned and dying, and how we are able to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most. 

The number of stories George shared with us, showed the true passion and compassion he has to serve others, as well as the determination to influence young people to take action, to put the vulnerable, orphaned and ill, "back on the ladder", giving hope to those who so easily misplace it.

From hearing George’s words of wisdom, spirit and enthusiasm, it has allowed us to reflect on our past, present and future actions, and how we as individuals can make a difference in the lives of others, so that they can “climb the ladder”, be educated, and have the opportunity to make life choices. 

Written by Stephanie Rago and Lily Tran (students of MLC)