New Opportunities for Support in 2015/16

We have some great new opportunities next year to support Hands at Work.  We appreciate being able to present these to you for your consideration.  These apply whether you are an individual, or as a business.

Chinaka - Zimbabwe

We are excited to be raising seed funds to initiate a new community starting over the next several months.  This will be our 6th supported country!  If you would like to be a foundation partner in this new rural community, we would love to hear from you. 

Macadeira - Mozambique

Philip McLaughlin and Clinton Wood were deeply affected when they visited Macadeira CBO in 2014, seeing first-hand the devastation in this community, and the glimpses of hope that 6 months of external support and encouragement had brought to the village.  The area is so broken that it has been referred to as "the Missionary Graveyard".  There are so many orphans, that we would love to extend Macadeira support in 2015/16 to 100 children.

Africa Fund – Across Africa!

The Africa Fund ($120 / month) provides funds for 1 child in each of our 6 countries for the year, and we have a goal of 32 supporters for 2015/16.  They are crucial funds for Hands at Work in two ways that we call Spread and Flow:

1.       Spread: Africa Fund supporters provide seed funding at the start of the financial year, spreading across each community.  Supporters will be making a difference in every country where the Australian Office has responsibilities of support!

2.       Flow:  Towards the end of the year, we can have sufficient funds in some communities, but deficits in others.  Africa Fund resources are able to flow at the end of the year to those communities that have shortages, shortages that would normally be made up for in special fundraisers.  Africa Fund supporters are recognised with an Africa Fund plaque, full reports right across Africa, but much more, they are recognised by Hands at Work Africa as Cornerstone Supporters of our work across all of Africa, one child at a time.

 If you would like to know more about these new opportunities: Please email Clinton Wood or call him directly on 0468 461 034 and he would be happy to send information or talk further.  If you own an ABN, and wish to support these new opportunities as a business sponsorship before or after June 30, please contact me, Clinton, directly on the number or email above.